When the Burja (bora) blows

Great discovery near Kozina - 2013-04

The last time we suffered the wind of the cave Burja was exactly four years ago. Back then, we photographically documented the cave, to which, in these parts, you can hardly find a decent comparison, at the invitation of Claudio and Stojan. Even back then, when the cave was just a narrow slit from which heavy wind blew, it was evident that this time, there would be something spectacular. And indeed, a beautifully sintered room with huge halls and rare formations opened up.

This time we headed into the end parts, where explorers ran out of quite a few meters of rope on the last trip. The way there is not easy. The narrow slit that serves as the entrance widens into a spacious abyss after a few short levels; we follow the abyss all the way to the hall at 160 meters of depth. And when you think the cave will end here, you are pleasantly surprised by a 50 meter ascent, which turns into a beautiful hall at the top, all the way to the Cauliflower abyss.

It was there that the research stopped a few years ago, but Claudio’s zeal did not rest during that time. Later, he equipped the cave again and began searching for a transition in the labyrinth of ascents and descents of the Cauliflower abyss. He could feel the draft, but the transition was nowhere to be found. Finally, he found a way that led him to the deeper abyss, our destination, with the help of cavers of Ajdovščina.

The beauty of exploring caves is of course, finding a continuation to the cave. And that is when you know for sure that you will return there. The curiosity that drives the caver is big, but the expectations are even bigger. This time, they ended in a small hall with many possibilites of continuations, where we were able to observe the levels of mud in the lower parts, the harbinger of a flood zone. But, as if on cue, we ran out of rope again. After a short browse in the possible continuations, Claudio, Vasja and Robert quickly went out, but a longer photographic adventure awaited us.

And because the curiosity was too big, they returned again in a weeks’ time, deepend the cave to -270 meters, arrived at the syphon and again, got lost in the many continuations. A great guarantee to make us return to the cave again.

During the photographing, the ones who were getting lost were Janez, Walter and Marko.


Copyright Peter Gedei