About Peter Gedei

Cave photographer

Peter Gedei (1969), born and living in Ljubljana, embarked on the path of cave photographer soon after joining Ljubljana’s caving club Železničar in 1987. After spending several years gaining experience primarily as an explorer of the subterranean world, in the early 1990s he began to devote increasing attention to cave photography.
Over the years he perfected his lighting technique and creative approach, and was awarded on several occasions with the highest accolades at Slovenian and international competitions. He has earned a reputation as one of the best worldrenowned cave photographers who is set to tackle even the most challenging projects. He regularly publishes his photographs in Slovenian and foreign printed media, presents stories about his cave visits and appears on social media. Besides being actively engaged in stereo photography and video, he is a member of the Stereoscopic Society of Ljubljana, co-founder of the production group Place3D, and long-time former editor of Jamar (Caver) magazine. Gedei works as a designer at the monthly magazine Monitor.

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