The members of the caving club Železničar like to cultivate tradition in all its shapes and forms. The most frequent are, of course, the traditional hang outs, which represent one of the main points of the club life. The newest members have to traditionally defend themselves during Luciferovanje, while the older ones can see the club atmosphere in the traditional multigenerational meeting, while the New Year’s party is traditionally made better by the members of the fraternal Rakek club, for a couple of years now. Traditionally we also prepare a caving school, traditionally attend traditional events and traditionally head to the caving worlds outside of our bounds.

Traditionally we also publish the club newsletter Bilten. This year it is time for number 29, and it is the thickest of them all. The articles are a good 152 pages of interesting reading and as it is traditional, Bilten is free for members of the club and free for everyone else. It is available in electronic as well as printed format, for the latter you will have to bother a member of the club or visit the club itself, where we traditionally convene every Thursday.

And because we are cavers, we also have traditional cave visits. One of them is the visit to Jama pri Sv. Treh Kraljih, where we usually heard in the first half of January, if it is possibly, on the Day of the Three Kings. Traditionally this is a mass visit, where hanging out is encouraged, made better by laughter and good spirits. This is a time to leave our full bags at home and leisurely stroll through the varied shafts.

This time we were accompanied by a camera despite the tradition, and carefully monitored all of the traditional happenings. But it did not end there. For the needs of a better presentation of the ‘pišaljka’ or ‘pipi’, about which you can read in Bilten, on page 108, we also filmed a promotional insert, which is shown somewhere in the below video. The add-on is useful to the gentler sex in any situations, so I invite you to self build and the instruction manual. Well, not to be long-winded, a video will sure say more than a few extra words. It is in Slovene language, but I hope you will understand it anyway…

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