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The summer months have accumulated so many publications in the press, they definitely deserve to be mentioned on the blog as well. A new 3D project joined the caving ones after a long lull, which was taken care of by Place3D, of course, and the ones that were brave enough to publish it were the people behind Playboy. If Matjaž and I were represented poorly with previous publications, this time they truly tried hard. And so, Matjaž’s Playmate was published as well as a photograph of the architectural project Galaxy Soho, Matjaž’s interview 20V with a full page portrait, an 8-page 3D outline of my profile with a bunch of photos and very welcome advice as well as a portrait of the hockey club Slavija. For lovers of a quiet ride, there is also a 3D portrait of the new electric car Tesla, and to finish it all of, there is a short conversation about 3D photography on Playboy’s website. Really rich and educational. A bit less noticeably, we were featured in the publication of Digitalne kamera, as they forgot to mention the name of the article in the table of contents of the magazine besides the mention of the author. Those who do not leaf through it will miss the interesting writing of Damir Vrančič about 3D photography. Better luck next time to the team.

However, the caving publications were more prominent. It was a great honour to be published in the Slovenian edition of National Geographic about the cave Davor’s abyss, for which Tadej Golob put together the text. To make the writing more vivid, we dragged him into a cave and managed to bring him out alive, while repeating the photo from the large hall with big help from friends from Speleo Club Zeleznicar and cavers from Škofja Loka. The article was chosen as one of the top four for the month of July by the parent editorial board.

Another breakthrough was also the publication in the famous English caving magazine Descent, as the cover photo was, for the first time, of a Slovenian cave and by a Slovenian author. And this happened after 40 years of publishing! Also published are the photos from Golokratna cave, where we visited the extremely beautifully preserved hall. Beside the cover photo, the photographs are also thriving in the middle of the magazine as well as the jacket, and they are accompanied by lovely text. A thank you to the editorial office!

Let me finish off this writing with another local publisher. In the August issue of Planinski vestnik there was a charming tale by Mojca Stritar about the Ice cave on plateau Viševnik, where we have been going for years. Next to the beautiful writing, you can also see a few photographs from this beautiful cave.

For a visual representation, check out the posts in the Media section.

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