Publications and awards – NG France, Spelunca and more

This year’s harvest of caving expeditions was not very rich, but  nonetheless some visual material came to be in printed form. The best publication in all respects is certainly photo-documented cave-diving expeditions to the french Padirac cave, which was published in the french edition of National Geographic magazine. There we were, together with Boštjan and Mojca Vrviščar, recording for three days the course of crossing the cave and also provided some additional cave motifs. Exterior shots handled by Katja Bidovec and Arne Hodalič was in charge of underwater shots. The French edition was released with two different covers. National edition was adorned with the Vikings, but the special edition, intended for certain districts and Padirac cave, had my photo on the cover. I hope to write more about this venture in the future.

French colored joy continued with the publication of my photo-caving creativity in the venerable magazine Spelunca, where each issue presents the person and the work of the established cave photographer. It seems that I also belong in this category and I was especially deeply honored because of this publication.

I was also remembered in the August issue of the English magazine Cave and Karst Science, which published the collage of photos of Planinska jama, especially Paradiž and Pivški rokav. The publication is particularly special to me because of analog shots with some radiant energy which I usually miss in the digital world. Cover photo is enriched by Iztok Medja’s motif of the Postojna Cave.

In addition to magazine publications there are also calendars, that have become a constant. German Underground Worlds are represented this year by the calendars, which are actually the result of successful photographic competitions. Peli calendar is enriched by the runner-up photo of Ferranova Buža where Nina successfully pushed through the narrows of Zagi’s meander. Published in the Bulgarian calendar WeAndCaves was a receiver of First award from JSR photo with Mojca and the nearby stone. This was actually the winner of the fifth BSU competition (Balkan speleological Union) in the category People Underground, which was accompanied by the autumn event in Croatia. However, I was most pleased by the first prize at the famous, 38th contest of the Spanish club Grupo Espeleológico Ribenero, which remains the only serious cave photography photo contest. I very much hope that it will also remain in the future.
Noteworthy was also the participation in the competition of National Geographic Traveler Contest, where a photograph of the Austrian ice cave Eiskogelhoehle won Editors’ favorites Submissions in the category of Sense of Place. It was probably liked by many because of its colorful atmosphere and as it seems it also impressed editors of Maptia website. The story nicely took of on their web page and drew some interest. However, the path of this photo has not stopped yet. Next year it will be published in the eminent Austrian magazine. Well, more about this when the time is right.
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