3D rays in Škocjanske jame

A beautiful game of nature takes part in the late fall and early springtime in Schmidl’s hall in world-famous Škocjanske jame. The hall, where at the end of the tourist trail, you feel the cold chill for the last time, has to impress you with its size, but what can you do, when you are already impressed by the huge dimensions of the canyon of the underground Reka on the tourist trail. Well, the daylight in the hall makes enough of an impression on the visitor to merit a prominent place in the stories about the visit to the Škocjan caves.

Twice a year, Schmidl’s hall isn’t filled just by daylight, reflecting from the step walls of Velika dolina, but also by sunlight. At that time, the warm rays create a picturesque game of nature with additional water, which drips from the ceiling of the hall, lasting a good hour. Perfect for a short timelapse, this time in 3D technique.

A few words about the Youtube 3D adapter: the first button sets the 3D video (in our case, red-light blue glasses), the size of the video (should be the largest size) and the extension to a higher resolution (if not the whole screen).

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